It’s Time to Use Twitter in Your Classroom

flickr photo by Rosaura Ochoa shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Twitter is an excellent tool for connecting, learning and sharing resources.

For primary students, a classroom Twitter account is a great way to authentically teach about digital citizenship. Each time you post a tweet, you’ll naturally talk about how it will be visible to everyone. You’ll model careful word choice. You’ll ask students about how the tweet might be perceived by readers. This scaffolding of digital awareness and skills is difficult to teach behind a firewall. And without those lessons, students are less prepared to navigate the world of social media.

There are numerous authentic uses for older students as well, including researching and connecting with industry experts and college professors, exploring trends and following various agencies, governments, and non-profits.

The tool can also be used for students to post questions and connect online around a specific class or unique hashtag.

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Photocard for Student Reflections

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Source: Jessica Johnson’s Tweets

That’s a screenshot I took last weekend when I spent a few minutes exploring my Twitter feed.

If you haven’t used it before, Photocard is a free app and a great tool for having students share their first trimester reflections. If you are interested in trying it out, here are two quick reads about how to use it (one & two) and examples of how a school uses it can be found here.