Using Tech to Showcase Student Work

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InformEd recently ran a piece by Saga Briggs on 24 ways to showcase student work using technology.  It’s got some great ideas for why to use tech as well as different platforms and ways to use them.  Take a peek and you’ll discover at least one new, intriguing tech tool.

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If you haven’t tried Padlet yet, it’s time

In this week’s Free Tech for Teachers blog, author Richard Byrne reminds us of why Padlet can be a great tool for the classroom.

Padlet is one of my all-time favorite tech tools for the classroom. Over the years I’ve used Padlet (formerly known as Wall Wisher) for everything from hosting online brainstorming sessions to organizing bookmarks to creating simple blogs for students. This week Padlet improved again by launching an iPhone app.

The new Padlet iPhone app works like the iPad app that they launched a few months ago. Through the app students can take pictures and record videos that will appear directly on their chosen Padlet walls. Of course, students can also double-tap on their chosen Padlet walls to type notes and add links to notes on Padlet walls.” 

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Great Tools for Supporting English Language Learners Across the Curriculum


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AAS-Sofia teacher Carmem Wilson recently compiled this list of apps for supporting English language learners across the the curriculum.

Visual Thesaurus – vocabulary grabber

The Visual Thesaurus is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus which creates word maps that blossom with meanings and branch to related words. Its innovative display encourages exploration and learning. Try out the vocabgrabber.


Copy and paste text, then click on ‘sift’. Text will be displayed with most frequent words in bigger font size. A word cloud (visual thesaurus powered) will appear. Student can sort words by subject, frequency etc.


Once you enter the website you are using, you can look up the meaning of any word on the site just by clicking on it. This actually makes life easier for ELLs reading texts on different subjects.


If you use, try out this tool. It has a more more attractive interface and the practice activities are more interesting.


A very userfriendly environment for collaboration.  Students can work with video, sound files, docs, etc.


Instagrok is an attractive visual search engine that collects content and displays it in the form of a cloud of related words.

Mindshift: Favorite Tech Tools for Social Studies Teachers

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Great new post from Mindshift aimed especially at social science teachers.

“Rachel Langenhorst helps teachers in her district find solutions for those issues. She used to teach social studies, but is now the K-12 Technology Integrationist and Instructional Coach at Rock Valley Community Schools in Iowa. …

Explee is a video scribing tool that simulates the effect of sketchnoting  and allows students to find and add images, text, video clips or audio to a workspace. “This is a great project creation tool for your students,” Langenhorst said. “And as we all know, it’s the creating, that upper echelon of learning, that lets kids really get learning.”

MackinVIA is a free database of primary sources. “It’s given us the ability to look at topics from several different perspectives because of the resources available to us,” Langenhorst said. She also likes the “backpack” feature, which allows students to save books or excerpts that they want to come back to and can be great way to keep track of research materials. And, crucially, the service offers many digital copies of the same books or articles, which has eliminated any fighting over books that might have taken place around big research projects in the past.” 

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