Using Storytelling to Inspire Language Learners

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Storytelling is a powerful strategy for engaging learners of all ages. In this recent Edutopia piece, international educator Matthew James Friday shares his experience exploring the use of storytelling to inspire English Language Learners:

“The motivation for this comes from my recent experience of teaching in an international school in China that has a 97 percent cohort of students learning English as an additional language (EAL). In my Grade 3 class last year, I had four students join with no English and as many again with very basic language skills. I worried that I would struggle to engage these students as both a teacher and a storyteller..”

Read the entire piece here.


Standards for Language Instruction

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Many schools, ours included, have adopted the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which outline what learners need to be able to do at each level.


 Source: Wikipedia

The entire framework for the CEFR can be found here. There’s also an excellent Teacher’s Guide to the Common European Framework, which can be found here.