Upcoming Free On-Line Courses

Tim Gouw via Unsplash 

If you haven’t tried a MOOC yet (a Massive, Open, Online Course), it’s time! These free courses vary in quality, but many are taught by experts like Dan Ariely and Dylan Wiliam and can be exceptional.

Here’s what’s on offer at FutureLearn (my personal favorite go-to for MOOCs; I love the way they are organized and they are easy to jump in and out of.)

Blended Learning — A free course for the Vocational Education and Training sector to promote effective practice and pedagogy in blended learning.

Innovation: the World’s Greatest — Understand what innovation means and consider the history and developments of innovations that are important in our daily lives.

Learning Online: Searching and Researching — Improve your online research skills and your ability to critically analyse sources of information.

Babies in Mind: Why the Parent’s Mind Matters  — Find out how parents and caregivers influence children’s minds, from conception through infancy, with this free online course.

Check out all the FutureLearn courses here.

Another great place for free online learning is Edx.

Astrophysics — Learn Contemporary Astrophysics From Leaders in the Field.

Dog Behavior and Cognition — Learn How Dogs Evolved from Wolves to our Best Friends.

The Psychology of Political Activism: Women Changing the World. 

Behavioral Economics in Action — Learn how to use behavioral economics to design experiments and develop tools to help people make better decisions.

Check out all the edX courses here.


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