Helping Our Students Develop Global Competence

Photo by Joao Silas via Unsplash

More than ever, our students need to be developing global competence and appreciation. Here are three great resources to support your classroom journey.

  1. The Global Digital Citizen Foundation has a great post titled, Global Digital Citizenship–in 15 Minutes! that provides an overview and links to resources. 
    The Global Digital Citizen: A Common Hero for the Digital Age

    “There’s no one quite like the Global Digital Citizen. This citizen is conscientious, respectful, and compassionate. It’s an individual who strives to establish a sense of global community. They practice this in all online and offline relationships, duties, and endeavours. The Global Digital Citizen is defined by 5 unique tenets. They are Personal Responsibility,Global Citizenship, Digital Citizenship, Altruistic Service, and Environmental Stewardship.

    Read the rest of the post here.


  2. New Zealand Educator Craig Kemp shares additional ideas on his blog post: Top 5 ways for engaging students in a global conversation. Suggestions include giving students a voice, connecting with students around the globe, and helping students connect directly with experts from around the planet. Read his entire post here.

  3. Check out FutureLearn‘s Upcoming Free Course (starting April 4) on Intercultural Communication. Learn more here.


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