The Key to Effective Teams in Schools: Emotional Intelligence

flickr photo by Clover_1 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

Writing for EdutopiaElena Aguilar  recently wrote a great piece on Emotional Intelligence and its importance for team success.

“I’m going to share one of my greatest discoveries about developing teams. This understanding has led me to take actions that otherwise would never occur to me when working with groups. I also think it might be one of the keys to building effective teams of educators who can collaborate, learn together, and transform our schools.

You’ve probably heard about emotional intelligence (EI) — the ability to recognize when you’re experiencing emotions, to have strategies for managing them, and to recognize other people’s emotions and respond appropriately to them. A team leader’s EI is extremely important, but there’s also such thing as a group’s collective emotional intelligence. And this, say the researchers, is what sets high-functioning teams apart from average ones.

Why Group Emotional Intelligence Matters

A team’s emotional intelligence might be the most important predictor of what it will do together, what conversations will sound like, and how members will feel about going to meetings — and just because a team is comprised of individuals with strong emotional intelligence doesn’t mean that the team itself will have high EI. Groups take on their own character.”  

Read the rest of the piece here.


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