Common Mistakes During Difficult Conversations

flickr photo by Col Frankland shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

Our ability to communicate effectively is essential to our success and that of our teams, schools or organizations.

Here’s an interesting piece from the Harvard Business Review on 9 common mistakes made during difficult conversations.  They include rehearsing, oversimplification, and moving into combat mode.

Here’s the paragraph on oversimplification:

“If the subject of your argument were straightforward, chances are you wouldn’t be arguing about it. Because it’s daunting to try and tackle several issues at once, we may try to roll these problems up into a less-complex Über-Problem. But the existence of such a beast is often an illusion. To avoid oversimplifying, remind yourself that if the issue weren’t complicated, it probably wouldn’t be so hard to talk about.”  

Read the entire piece here.


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