Getting Started With Personalised Learning and Genius Hour

Originally inspired by Google’s 20 percent time, Genius hour can be a strong way to motivate and engage students in their own research, learning, and sharing with classmates.

Educator and writer Gallit Zvi describes genius hour as a time “when [students] are allowed to develop their own inquiry question about whatever it is that they want to explore.  They are then given about 3 one hour Genius Hour sessions and then they are usually ready to present their learning to the class.”  Her blog includes excellent resources for implementing genius hour.

Another resource for implementing genius hour can be found here by Chris Kesler. He’s got posts on introducing it to students as well as helping students get started with research.

Angela Maiers has a complete toolkit for genius hour here.

A final resource worth a look can be found at Edutopia. They’ve got a good list of resources and posts here as well as a five-minute film festival dedicated to genius hour here.

You can see one student’s genius hour project below (recommended by Edutopia):


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