New Webinars Available via EdWeek

creative commons licensed (BY-NC-SA) flickr photo by konszvi:

There are a variety of excellent upcoming archived webinars via EdWeek. Here are a couple:

1. Digital Math Strategies to Personalize Learning in K-8 (archived, but available)

View this on-demand webinar now.

Download the PowerPoint presentation.

“Using effective strategies to personalize math learning for K-8 students can make the difference between producing engaged, successful students versus frustrated, struggling ones. New tools—such as online games, apps, multimedia curricula, and adaptive assessments—are opening doors for teachers to differentiate instruction to meet students’ individual needs. But significant challenges remain in using such technologies effectively.” More info here.

2. Closing the Achievement Gap for ELLs Through Technology & Proven Language Pedagogy

Content provided by Middlebury Interactive Languages.

This webinar takes place on March 17, 2015 @ 2 p.m. ET
Register for this webinar now.

“In this interactive webinar from Middlebury Interactive Languages, leading English Language Learning (ELL) educators and language experts will discuss how to apply seven proven pedagogical principles of language learning to meet the educational needs of all non-native speaking populations, the nation’s fastest growing school population. This webinar will provide teachers and administrators with real-world advice on how to develop and implement ELL solutions that integrate cultural understanding, new digital tools, and rigorous curriculum models in blended learning environments.”  More info here.

Many more are available here.


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