Listening Dyads Can Transform Your Team

Photo Credit: Orange_Beard via Compfight cc

This great post from Etutopia highlights the communication strategy of listening dyads.

“It’s that time of the semester when many of us are frayed and ready for an extended break. We may find ourselves beside the staff water cooler or in the parking lot trying to alleviate stress by venting our frustrations with colleagues: “If I have to sit through one more staff meeting with so much else on my plate, I swear. . .”

Constructivist Listening

These venting sessions can find a home inside your meetings through the simple routine of dyads, a listening structure that transforms stress and emotion into productive energy. While cathartic, the water cooler conversations serve to separate emotion from our formal professional spaces, allowing pent-up feelings to brew rather than letting us channel them in healthier ways. Barred from “feeling in public,” we sit through staff meetings running an internal monologue of grievances or, at worst, behaving passive-aggressively. Sound familiar to anyone?” Read more here.


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