Professor Sugata Mitra & the Hole in the Wall Project

Photo Credit: Claudio.Ar via Compfight cc

Have you ever heard of the hole in the wall project? It’s an amazing story of technology, perseverance and motivation.

From Edutopia by Sugata Mitra Professor of Education Technology, Newcastle University:

“In early 1999, some colleagues and I sunk a computer into the opening of a wall near our office in Kalkaji, New Delhi. The area was located in an expansive slum, with desperately poor people struggling to survive. The screen was visible from the street, and the PC was available to anyone who passed by. The computer had online access and a number of programs that could be used, but no instructions were given for its use.

What happened next astonished us. Children came running out of the nearest slum and glued themselves to the computer. They couldn’t get enough. They began to click and explore. They began to learn how to use this strange thing. A few hours later, a visibly surprised Vivek said the children were actually surfing the Web.” Read more at Edutopia here.

Skip ahead to 7:25 to hear Sugata Mitra speak about the Hole in the Wall experiments.


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